Rachel Crane photoGreetings! My name is Rachel and I’m the human behind this Teaching E-Portfolio.

I am a creative learner and educator, conscious parent, and community animator seeking to integrate high vibration education into all facets of my life. I believe that we’re all on a learning journey; always seeking some kind of education. If we remember this for ourselves and respect this in each other, we can and will reciprocate the learning. And, that is “high vibe”.

I believe that high vibe education is key to global, positive change.

Education can come in many forms, from all situations and places. Formalized education or School of Life— it all counts. My education comes from a business degree from Brock University, a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, and various yoga teacher certifications. As well, and maybe most profoundly, from living abroad (different cultural systems, different ways of thinking about our world) and from leading within my own family, as a parent and partner.

high vibEDucation

I’m privileged to share this journey with students as a professor at Niagara College in the Niagara Region of Ontario. View my teaching e-portfolio, here

high vibED leadership

I promote the evolution of human capital through leadership training, team facilitation, speaking engagements, yoga, and the arts. I’ve been privileged to work with high capacity leaders in various organizations. Learn more about this work, here

high vibED parenting

As a mom of two, I’ve been experimenting with conscious parenting for a few years now. Being a conscious parent means that I re-parent myself and, in doing so, am growing up alongside my kids. I’ve come up with some ideas to support a community around this way of being and am waiting for the right door to open. ‘Til then, I leave an invitation: if you are curious about this work too, let’s connect.