Rachel Crane photoMy name is Rachel and I’m the person behind this website, which evolved from a humble Teaching E-Portfolio project.

I am an educator, learner, leader, and parent seeking higher vibrational living. I’ve come to learn that we’re all in search of some kind of education; all on a learning journey. I believe it’s my calling, whenever/however our paths cross, to remind you — learners, leaders, parents — to love that journey.

This is the lifework of high vibe people: to come from an inspired, honorable and loving place in a way that reminds, liberates, or “teaches” others to do so too. We’re all in this together, after all… so let’s support each other and lift each other higher, yes?

I believe that high vibe education is the key to positive change.

And, that education can come in various forms, from all situations and places. Formalized education or “School of Hard Knocks”. It all counts. I hold a business degree from Brock University, a Master of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University, various yoga teacher certifications, and I’ve learned some of my greatest lessons while  traveling and living abroad (different cultures, different ways of thinking); from getting to know and work with all kinds of people.

high vibED(ucation)

I’m privileged to share this journey with students as a professor at Niagara College in the Niagara Region of Ontario. View my teaching e-portfolio, here

high vibED leadership

I promote the evolution of human capital through leadership training, team facilitation, speaking engagements, yoga, and the arts. I’m privileged to work with high capacity leaders in various organizations. Learn more about this work, here

high vibED parenting

As a child, I crafted plots and sketched a lot. One thing led to another and my sketch pad got lost in the stockpile of childhood dreams. Then, with the privilege of becoming a parent (and consuming copious amounts of children’s literature), I came home to my doodling and story-lining self. I’m now kindling the conversation around “conscious parenting” with other families through creative writing. See a sample of my children’s book series, here