I design each course with core values in mind:

  • Iterative feedback instead of “right/wrong” assessment.
  • Co-creation & teamwork, not individualistic competition.
  • Reflection; establishing a pattern of continuous reflection leads to continuous learning, innovation, and resilience in the midst of change.
  • Integrity; we do what we say we do AND what we say and do aligns with what we believe.
  • Empathy is the root of creativity and progress.
  • Unique learning styles & multiple intelligencesimg_4453

Courses I’ve taught

Canadian College level:

  • BMGT 9604 – Business Principles
    Introduces a wide range of business principles and topics, including the economic, political and legal environment of business, principles of marketing, organizational structure, basic economics and finance, the marketing mix, labour relations, and customer relations.
  • CIVL 1630 – Entrepreneurship
    Develops the knowledge, skills and strategies required to research and explore the viability of a business idea, write a Business Plan and successfully operate a business. Learners identify and begin the development of the entrepreneurial skill and perspectives required for career success in the new economy.
  • ENTR 1100 – Entrepreneurship & ENTR 1123 – The Entrepreneur
    Fundamentals in starting a new venture as well as employment with an enterprising organization. The preparation of a Business Plan is used as a learning tool to give you a broad understanding of the purpose, content, risks and rewards of a business start up.
  • MKTG 1301 – Principles of Marketing
    Overviews fundamental marketing terms, concepts and strategies. Students create a target market product profile and present a marketing plan in class.

University co-curricular level:

  • Foundations in Leadership – Bronze level
    Interpersonal communication skills (verbal/non-verbal, active listening, effective self-expression, giving and receiving feedback) are developed in this co-curricular course.
  • Foundations in Leadership – Silver level
    Problem-solving and mediation skills are developed in this co-curricular course, as well as awareness of individual conflict management styles.
  • Foundations in Leadership – Gold level
    This course overviews and develops effective teamwork skills (group dynamics and needs, member roles, meeting facilitation, communicating, and negotiating).
  • Foundations in Leadership – Platinum level
    This course is a culmination of previous levels and more. Students learn about different leadership styles, stress management, service to community and higher purpose, mentoring others, as well as refine awareness of their personal leadership.

Sample Teaching & Learning Plan

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