Trial and error grows us.
Learning from each other inspires us.
And, conscious reflection along the way transforms us.

My teaching philosophy is rooted in reciprocal learning and experiential education, rather than the traditional “sage on a stage” approach. Because, in our age of information-access and rapid evolution of knowledge, more information is not needed.

I believe that, for the 21st century learner, inviting the head, heart and hands to participate in a continuous and collaborative learning practice is what’s needed. Falling in love with learning again is what’s needed.

Life is dynamic, not static. The reason I teach is to support learners to learn, innovate, and adapt with resiliency through the constant change of their lives and careers. I have witnessed that experience and reflection builds confidence to go outside of the classroom and apply what is learned. It is that courageous application of skills and talents that changes the world for the better.

More on how my experiences and values inform the way I design courses, here

Every hour with me typically follows this model:

  • I share information or lessons learned for about 20 minutes to frame the rest of the session.
  • For the next 10 minutes, we discuss and critique the information, challenge assumptions, introduce different perspectives, and break down the “why”.
  • Students dive into a meaningful, hands-on experience for about 20 minutes.
  • Then, I facilitate a 10ish minute long reflection to debrief what just happened, what we can learn as well as ways to apply this learning in future.
  • Students get pumped up, like a new tire, and roll out of class ready to mobilize.

Inspired by:

Kolb, D.A. (1984). ‘Experiential learning experience as a source of learning and development’, New Jersey: Prentice Hall

I could talk about my approach all day, but I’ll let the students I’ve worked with tell you instead…

What students have said

“My Business was born in an entrepreneurship class with Rachel. Truth be told, I was on the verge of dropping out until I found her very practical and inspired teaching style. Even after her class, she supported me and I couldn’t have imagined the umbrella of opportunities and guidance that would come.”

talk bubble3
Danielle Speck,
graduate of Niagara College’s General Business program


“I have studied at institutions around the world and never met a teacher like Rachel. Her approach is refreshing, wise and authentic. She is more than a professor to our class, she is our life mentor.”

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Taimoor Khan,
graduate of Niagara College’s International Business Management post-grad program


“Rachel excels at teaching because she’s always very prepared, understands how to connect with people, and communicates in a comfortable and clear manner. She’s also very approachable and genuinely cares about people. Rachel was instrumental in developing the curriculum for the course, and delivering the material in a way that was engaging to participants.”

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Sam Prentice,
Brock University Foundations in Leadership program alumnus, graduate of the MBA program at Goodman School of Business

Huge THANK YOU to the students who
nominated me for the 2016/17 EDUCATOR OF THE YEAR award